Cork Marquee Company prides itself in the service it provides to its customers. The service provided by Cork marquee Company includes the following important steps:

Initial Contact

The client is informed of the different sizes of Marquees available and the complimenting products.

The client if interested can avail of a site visit. Here the client can discuss their needs and requirements on site with an informed member of staff. This insures that the client reserves the correct size marquee for their needs if they choose to go ahead with the hire.

Booking a marquee with Cork Marquee Company could not be easier just call 021-4874242 or 087-2795848 and give us the marquee size you require together with your contact details.

Two or three days before the event.

The staff of Cork marquee Company will call you to confirm their time of arrival to your premises.

We at Cork Marquee Company   erect the marquee two to three days in advance of the of the event to give our clients time to decorate the marquee as they wish.

Enjoy for yourself the benefits of booking a Marquee with Cork Marquee Company